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2015 season

Written by T.J. Walsh
Staged Reading

January 25 & 26, 2015

Pleading Infinity

In this funny and moving solo play Bob Donovan, Hollywood screenwriter, wrestles with life’s big questions including miraculous births, the nature of art, near death experiences, ghosts, UFOs, the creation of the universe, and, finally, the meaning of life.

“A polished and mature piece…very funny and touching monologues chronicling the life of screenwriter Bob Donovan.” Austin American Statesman

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Written by Donald Margulies
Main Stage Production

February 26 – March 22, 2015

Time Stands Still

In this “quietly powerful” play that “crackles with bright wit and intelligence”, Pulitzer-winner Donald Margulies gives us the poignant story of Sarah and James. As a photojournalist and foreign correspondent their relationship centers on telling the toughest stories from around the world. After a roadside bombing abroad nearly takes Sarah’s life, James decides that they’ve risked enough and asks her to stay in New York, where he hopes to nurture her and their declining relationship back to health. Caught between James’s loving appeals and her ambition to continue reporting, Sarah faces the life-altering decision between settling down or risking everything for her career.

“The heart of Time Stands Still resides in the gently evolving relationship between Sarah and James, which develops troubling new ripples in each scene.” – The New York Times

“Insightful writing, the work is smart, stylish, timely and layered with an intriguing seriousness that inspires discussion after the curtain comes down.” – Associated Press

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Written by Allison Gregory
Staged Reading

April 12 & 13, 2015

Not Medea

What if the show you came to see is not the show you need to see? When a working mother escapes to the sanctuary of the theatre and encounters a play she desperately doesn’t want to see, she manipulates the show – and the audience – and leads them reluctantly, undependably, humorously into her own very private story. Through a synthesis of myth, magic, and real world, Not Medea is a fierce slap-down about love, lust, parenthood, and forgiveness.

“Gregory’s writing is thoughtful and intellectually arresting.” – L.A. Weekly

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Written and performed by Michael Milligan
Main Stage Production

May 7 – May 31, 2015

Mercy Killers

Joe loves apple pie, Rush Limbaugh, the 4th of July and his wife, Jane. He is blue-collar, corn-fed, made in the USA and proud, but when his uninsured wife is diagnosed with cancer, his patriotic feelings and passion for the ethos of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are turned upside down. A surprisingly tender love story, Mercy Killers is an unblinking look at heath care in America.

“In our ever-present day of political discourse, finger-pointing, and profitable racket over healthcare, Milligan manages to strip down the arguments by humanizing them to a frustrating but immensely profound degree. A blistering one-man drama.” – Manhattan Digest

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Written by Brenda Withers
World Premiere Commission

Main Stage Production

July 9 – August 2, 2015

Don Quixote de la Mancha

Alonso Quixano’s fascination with medieval romance novels devolves into delusion when the small-town man rechristens himself Don Quixote de la Mancha—a chivalrous knight bent on battling wicked and protecting all who are good. With his trusty sidekick Sancho Panza and their faithful steed Donkey Jorge, Don Quixote sets off on an epic adventure. This new adaptation of the classic novel is a celebration of imagination and proves that a little craziness isn’t such a bad thing.  

Withers’s writing is “absolutely delightful… sharp and clever.” - The New York Times

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Written by Mark St. Germain
Main Stage Production

October 29 – November 22, 2015

Freud's Last Stand

Just weeks before he will take his own life, legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud invites the young, rising Oxford Don C.S. Lewis to his home in London. On the day England enters World War Two, Freud and Lewis clash about love, sex, the existence of God, and the meaning of life. Freud’s Last Session is a deeply touching play filled with humor and exploring the minds, hearts and souls of two brilliant men addressing the greatest questions of all time. 

“It’s a sharp, lively discourse, and audience members searching for engaging debate will be pleased… Mark St. Germain’s script is astute, and the humor is plentiful.” – The New York Times

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by David Davalos
Staged Reading

December 6 & 7, 2014


After suffering a major artistic disappointment in Milan, Leonardo Da Vinci renounces art and instead works briefly as a military engineer for the ruthless leader of the Papal armies (and illegitimate son of the Pope) Cesare Borgia. But after his time with Borgia, he returns to art and creates his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. Daedalus is a fictionalized account of the time in Leonardo’s life when he was struggling with the question of his identity, and with the responsibility that creators bear to and for their creations.

“Davalos has fun playing with the elevated language from a lofty long-ago and bringing it down to earth with humorous catch phrases and cultural allusions that a modern audience can embrace as its own.” – L.A. Times

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